Wednesday, March 3, 2010

AZ Highlights:

-"We'll have Tori say all of our prayers from now on. You go girl. You pray."

-I have three little sisters and a little brother now!

-Karsten always reads my mind..

-"Sometimes I feel like such a silly little white girl."
"You're a silly little white girl with a big Polynesian heart!"

"There are WHITE people in this room???"

-"Jimmy doesn't hug me."
"You're my girlfriend now."

-Tyrel's back-popping hugs!

-Explaining how to use the shower

-"Thank you Emily, you're welcome Emily!"
-"I have 11 people in my family. 3 brothers, and 6 sisters!"
-"I love going to bed at 10:30, 11:30, and 12:54!"
-"Check check me out!"
-"Are you talking to me? Well you should start!"
-"Do you like water? Well then you like 75% of my body!"
-"You know what Sunday is? Sunday is the day when we get to have fun and YOU don't!"

-"You're like the only white girl who can blend with us!"

-Being searched at Hoover Dam and feeling like a criminal... Until I opened up my duffel and my scriptures were right on top!

-Tina's music around me 24 hours a day.

-Singing 24 hours a day..

-Being with my LDA family and AZ family.

-Being engulfed in the spirit everywhere we went.

-"Can you pass the ham?"

-Ping pong.

-Fireside #1: Praying for my heart to stop pounding.
Fireside #2: Praying for my bangs to stay out of my face.
They both worked. "Cuz duh. Faith just always works."

-"We're all spiritual and stuff, but she's the one who makes everyone cry."
"Well as long as she's my daughter!"

-"Is this language?"

-"Hhhhh! I like this song!"

-"THAT's awkward."

-"It's like home to me!"

-Secret perfume dealing.

-"Hey! I like your.... tie......"