Saturday, January 16, 2010

Excerpts from letters:

" 'Pride is a matter of 'my will' rather than 'thy will.' I think President Ezra T. Benson said that one, and really when we are humble and doing His will your burdens become light. Christ has a purpose for all of us and we may not know what it is until after it has happened. But I can testify that he is watching over us and that we can trust him."

"It is true, He did know all that was going to happen. It was all part of the plan. He loved us enough to go through such pain and agony. I know because I have felt His love and I know it is true."

"You should never say you aren't good at something when someone gives you a compliment, you should thank them and then give thanks to the Lord for blessing you."

"Humility is the full realization of your complete dependence on God."

"I don't know why the rules are so important, they just are. Following the simple, menial ones takes the most faith, and often makes the biggest difference in the end. Not steady dating in highschool is a pretty small rule for most people. The prophets have said it, but people look at it as more of a suggestion. But look at the difference it has made in our lives. Reading the scriptures every day is a pretty small thing, but I can testify of the power that it brings me. Alma 37:6 Follow the rules, Trev. Even the silly ones."

"It's just incredibly comforting to know that Heavenly Father is in control and taking care of me."

"I was thinking more about our phrase "being an instrument in the hands of the Lord." I like to think of the analogy as a musical instrument. Anyone can make sound out of it, talented musicians can make beautiful music. But imagine the limitless "talent" our Father in Heaven has, and how much the CREATOR knows the tiny intracacies of the instrument. He truly makes us more beautiful and perfect than we could ever be by ourselves."

"In our Large Group Meeting the teacher taught about how the Gospel is using all the keys of a piano it is the fulness and we should use all of those keys to preach the Gospel because if you play one note continously that note begins to be annoying. So if we become the piano God can use us to play all the notes."

"Don't ever worry about your image that you portray to other people. Be confident in what you do as long as you trust in the Lord and show it He will bless you."

" 'People who don't know Jesus Christ but know you will want to know Jesus Christ because they know you.' So we should live in such a way that people will want to come unto Christ because they know you."

"Focusing on serving others and being an example of the light of Christ is an easy way to dispel self-pity."

"I thought of the lists I make in my prayers morning and evening for my Heavenly Father. I make daily lists of things I want and need and I can see Him going down my lists and checking off everything that He possibly can..."

"I don't want to get 'drunk' on pride or entitlement. Gratitude is so important. It is a large part of humility."

" 'Do not be negligent in the ability to feel the condescension of God (the Spirit), this ability has to be earned, we never deserve it but we must work to earn it. And the blessings of the Lord are regular not once in a lifetime.' (Neil L. Anderson)"

"Being and feeling loved is probably the best gift I could ask for."

"Change is constantly challenging faith. I need to hit the ground running with faith in my Savior, always progressing. Sometimes it feels like I'm running in the dark, which can be scary. But... 'Perfect love casteth out fear.' (1 John 4:18) And 2 Timothy 1:7, God gives us a spirit of power and love. Love is all around me, hitting me from all directions and exploding out of me at the same time. So... I have no need to fear."

"Faith is a principle of ACTION and power. Heavenly Father gives you the power to do what you need to do, but you have to be doing something! He's not going to do it for you."

"It is just incredible to me how the gospel applies to even the tiniest, silliest intracacies of life. And it seems like my testimony is strengthened by the tiny things as much as the big things, if not more."

Friday, January 15, 2010

People have told me how to be happy..

Wow. It's been a rough day. Week.

It's been rough lately. It kinda makes me sick to think about it. To think about how miserable and selfish and dependent I've been.

December sucked.
That's all I choose to say about it. Most people know why. I'm pretty good at being a whiny crybaby.

January's been okay. 2010 isn't completely failing me yet. I got my grades up to a 3.8. Which is a miracle I do NOT deserve. My teachers really believe in me and want me to succeed.. Even when I don't.

Anyway, today was interesting. I spent the day being.. a normal teenager. And at the end of the day I realized.. I'm NOT normal. And acting that way makes me.. miserable.

"Grant me twenty thousand wishes, cover me with lavish things, but I believe in loaves and fishes, miracles and mustard seeds. People have told me how to be happy, but I find their remedies empty. These are my pearls, God's treasures unfurled mean more to this girl, more than the world to me."

These are my pearls:

Purple skies, hazel eyes..
-My family
Fireflies, blue horizons
In the spring, grey turns green
Hope once dead is brought to life
-Especially one in particular
Shady tree, shoes in hand
With my bare feet in the sand
The dusty road that takes me home
Photographs from the past
-Evangelho de Jesus Cristo
Summer naptime in the grass
Constellations in the sky
-Best friends/soulfriends
Northern Lights will make you cry
-But mostly amor e evangelho de Jesus Cristo

I can't live without the Holy Spirit's comfort and guidance in my life. I need the strength I receive from my Savior through my faith. I desire His joy, His love, and His will more than anything and all else. People have told me how to be happy, but I believe in miracles and mustard seeds. They are muito importante para meu salvacao.

"Just like a fish needs water, you need the gospel and the companionship of the Holy Ghost to be truly, deeply happy." -Ensign November 2009, Marcus B. Nash