Monday, May 24, 2010

Things on the brain..

*The "breakup"

*The prospective relationship

*My Savior

*Answered prayers

*Journal slacking..

*Best parents EVER


*Not friends v. Friends v. Best friends

*My indifference and sometimes animosity..


*Trevor. Always.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Parable of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

The following is a parable, meaning there are deeper semantics to it than just a silly story that I felt like sharing. Recently I decided to write a book about dating the Lord's way. This parable will certainly be included. :)

Once there was a girl who loved penaut butter and jelly sandwiches. She ate them all the time. She made a new one every day, sometimes more than one a day. One day she came home for lunch and had a limted amount of time to eat. She threw some rice in the microwave and proceeded to make a PB&J. Alas, she could not find any peanut butter. She searched high, and low, until finally she found some! She meticulously spread the peanut butter on one slice of bread and some delicious homemade jam on the other. She put the slices together and then set the sandwich on a plate on the counter. She took the rice out of the microwave and gobbled it up. After she got herself a nice, tall glass of milk, she came back to the sandwich. She noticed some white powdery stuff on the crust. It looked quite harmless and she was about to take a big, delicious bite when she decided she better double check to make sure it wouldn't hurt her. After a more thorough inspection, she came to the conclusion that the white powdery stuff was indeed mold. She was tempted to eat the sandwich anyway, it hardly seemed likely that some white dust could be life threatening. After careful consideration however, she decided the best choice would be to throw the sandwich away. Better to sacrifice the sandwich than to risk getting ill. Pity she hadn't noticed the mold before she wasted all that delicious peanut butter and homemade jam on it. Not to mention the time she had wasted.

Things that irritate me...

-AP Tests

-Students that worry too much about AP tests

-Texting with no purpose

-Girls that don't respect boys enough to tell them the truth, consequently they "lead them on"

-Boys that fall down at the feet of said girls

-Madrigals, as a whole, not individually

-Kids who date seriously in high school

-Girls that influence boys to date seriously in high school

-Kobe Bryant

-Derek Fisher

-The Lakers

-Laker FANS

-Ute fans

-Not having enough time to do anything

-My mom emailing my brother about my life.

-Financial Literacy

-Being in love

-Relationships that are all about being physical