Sunday, March 25, 2012

I evaporated, see?

I filled you up with liquid me,
but you weren't ready to expand.
Consequently, you overflowed,
timid drops hit the sand,
evaporated, leaving me
with less me than when I began.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


You were the one who
named it, this feeling. This feeling that I couldn’t let go of and now I never
will. This feeling, we created it. The two of us, together, combined, we are
this feeling. We live in it. And it consumes us and motivates and terrifies us
because it defines “us”.

But how beautiful is
anticipation? How beautiful, to look at a future full of hope and confidence
and trust, brought forth through consistent and sincere hard work.

How can we deny such
a powerful passion? How can we expect to survive without it? How can we even
begin to comprehend a life without the glorious anticipation that belongs to
the two of us, and only us?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

There are stars.

There are stars in my heart
twinkling, there,
behind the scars.
Stars that shatter waves
of doubt, they are there,
I feel them
now, I feel them whisper
silent songs,
they ache, they long

Believe me, there are stars,
hidden there behind the scars,
shining light straight
through my soul
Fleeting, flitting,
never whole
There are stars,
they burn, they spark
in my heart, it's never dark

Dear, there are stars
because of you
and all the sparkling
things you do
I fear no pinch, no pang, no pain,
because you will make
me whole again

There are stars, and
they are real
Like simmering, simple spots
that heal
These stars, they come
from you, my dear
And always I will hold them
Stars tend to make
forever clear